The Heresy of the Paraphrase

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"The Heresy of Paraphrase" is the title of a chapter in The Well-Wrought Urn, a seminal work of the New Criticism by Cleanth Brooks. Brooks argued that meaning in poetry is irreducible, because "a true poem is a simulacrum of reality an experience rather than any mere statement about experience or any mere abstraction from experience.".

Other articles where Heresy of paraphrase is discussed: aesthetics: Relationship between form and content: referred to as the “heresy of paraphrase,” the words being those of the American literary critic Cleanth Brooks (The Well Wrought Urn, ).

The heresy is that of assuming that the meaning of a work of art (particularly of poetry) can be paraphrased. The Heresy of Paraphrase. -as an instrument in securing very different effects. The structure of the poem, furthermore, is not that of the mock-epic convention, though here, since the term "mock-epic" has implications of attitude, we approach a little nearer to the kind of structure of which we speak.

Cleanth Brooks discusses the Heresy of Paraphrase in his book The Well Wrought Urn. Here is a quote from the Wikipedia entry (I am being lazy today): The book is a polemic against the tendency for critics to reduce a poem to a single narrative or didactic : Geoff Klock. The Heresy of Paraphrase by Cleanth Brooks Cleanth Brooks in this essay the “Heresy of Paraphrase” tries to put forward is that any reductionist attempt to transform poetic meaning to a prose statement such as descriptive or thematic interpretative is to do injustice to a poem.

It is one's failure to recognize the poem as a poem. A paraphrase of Einstein's book on the theory of relativity could hardly be mistaken for the paraphrase of a novel or a book about politics.

So rephrasing a scientific text is probably more rewarding than paraphrasing a poem, a fact that ought to count in favour of the thesis of heresy. The author discusses the relationship of paraphrase--summary, synopsis, restatement, and translation, with figuration.

Topics covered include the new criticism of Cleanth Brooks, the three themes of paraphrase heresy, rhetoric legacy, and the life of the disciplines in climate change criticism.

"Heresy of paraphrase": to believe that paraphrasing a fictional plot or a lyric poem's thoughts constitutes an interpretation, or to believe that interpreting such a paraphrase can constitute an interpretation of the text of the work, itself (also called "falling into plot summary" when you do it in your papers).

New Criticism encountered a great deal of published "scholarship" from the late. Over the centuries, the art of poetry has been claimed to be impervious to paraphrase (or translation).

This scepticism, although championed by many, has left philosophers and linguists, who hold that there is nothing special about the domain of the poetic, unmoved. In this chapter, data are used to show that the idea behind ‘the heresy of paraphrase’ can be supported and explained while Author: Ernie Lepore.

The perfect example of the heresy of paraphrasing is the Reader's Digest Condensed Books. My mother is a big collector of these because she likes getting the "gist" of stories without reading all the "unnecessary fluff" parts.

These books take great pieces of work and condense them so that the reader is only getting the most necessary : Jessie Lambert. Meticulously researched and exquisitely written, Heresy is like a boat ride down the Thames of Elizabethan England: leisurely and immersive, allowing one to take in the sights, sounds, and smells of a slowly unfolding panorama.

For such skillful writing, the book deserves 5 stars/5. The Heresy of Paraphrase - Cleanth Brooks readacted. THE STRANGER BY ALBERT CAMUS // ANIMATED BOOK SUMMARY - Duration: A Definition of Paraphrase. A presentation detailing the main points of Cleanth Brook's chapter "The Heresy of Paraphrase" from his book The Well-Wrought Urn.

Introduction. The Well Wrought Urn is divided into eleven chapters, ten of which attempt close readings of celebrated English poems from verses in Shakespeare's Macbeth to Yeats's "Among School Children". The eleventh, famous chapter, entitled "The Heresy of Paraphrase," is a polemic against the use of paraphrase in describing and criticizing a poem.

Heresy is a must-read for every fan of historical thrillers. Parris transports the reader back to an extraordinary time in history by mobilizing fascinating details, suspense, and fully-drawn characters. THE HERESY OF PARAPHRASE The Creative Experiment, by C.

Bowra. Macmillan. $ THE VRTUES OF Mr.

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Bowra's book of critical essays on modem poetry are many and perhaps the most conspicuous of these is the catholic range of its scholarship.

Bowra writes on Cavafy, Apollinaire, Mayakovsky, Pasternak, Eliot, Garcia Lorca, and Alberti. He says scholars' tendency to paraphrase poetry in a straightforward manner is exactly what's wrong with the literary criticism of his time.

He even gives this practice a name: "the heresy of paraphrase." According to Brooks, when we paraphrase, we split the poem into two elements: content (what it says) and form (how it says it).

McGrath's book is a noteworthy summary of the history of heresy.

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However, if one is a newcomer to this subject, I recommend starting with John Hannah's, Our Legacy: A History of Christian Doctrine. Additionally, Harold O.J.

Brown's work, Heresies will provide readers with a detailed look at the heresies that have consistently plagued the church/5(45). The Guardian - Back to home. Heresy by SJ Parris Bruno has dropped the book into the cesspit, fled the building and become a fugitive from religious justice – which is, of course, no.

But Eugene's Peterson's book, "The Message" refers to the "Lord Jesus" ZERO times ("0") c. As with ALL of the new versions, "The Message" demotes the Lord Jesus Christ in references to him, and it concurrently elevates man from his state of sinfulness, bringing both to a more equal level and eroding the stark biblical contrast of the truth of.

In Biblical Literalism: A Gentile Heresy, Spong illuminates the gospels as never before and provides a better blueprint for the future than where the church’s leaden and heretical reading of the story of Jesus has led us—one that allows the faithful to live inside the Christian story in the modern world/5().

The Heresy of Paraphrase: Poetry cannot be paraphrased (or translated).

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If this thesis is correct,then some contents are not (re-)expressible in the language of Cited by: 7. Rick Warren is the founder and senior pastor of Saddleback Church, an evangelical megachurch located in Lake Forest, California, currently the eighth-largest church in the United book, The Purpose Driven Church, spawned a series of conferences on Christian ministry and is perhaps best known for the subsequent devotional, The Purpose Driven Life, which has sold over   27 thoughts on “Cleanth Brooks and the Heresy of Paraphrase” katiebidstrup said: Aug at pm.

I commented on the other page too, but here is a more specific paragraph. Brooks describes structure as a barrier.

It’s as though the structure of a poem is meant to harmonize the poem itself. Brooks says, “It is a pattern of. Cleanth Brooks: “The Heresy of Paraphrase” The extract of the well-known book ʻThe Well-Wrought Urnʼ carries as main statement that poems cannot be paraphrased because a poem transfers its message through the combination of structure and meaning.

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It was written to counter and respond to heretical teachings and encourage believers to. The Heresy of Paraphrase: When the Medium Really Is the Message Article in Midwest Studies in Philosophy 33(1) - September with Reads How we measure 'reads'Author: Ernie Lepore.

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Academic criticism is wary of what used to be called “the heresy of paraphrase.” The very thing that makes a review or essay into a vital narrative is discouraged in academic writing.

We warn students—for perfectly good reasons—to avoid merely retelling or rephrasing the contents of a book.

Heresy» Paul and silas accused of Acts and when they had brought them to the chief magistrates, they said, "These men are throwing our city into confusion, being Jews, and are proclaiming customs which it is not lawful for us to accept or to observe, being Romans.".In this book McGrath sets out to define and explore the concept of heresy non-polemically, as "a form of Christian belief that, more by accident than design, ultimately ends up subverting, destabilizing, or even destroying the core of Christian faith" (pp.

)/5.1. He is the one whose words we quoted a little above in regard to that admirable man, Justin, and whom we stated to have been a disciple of the martyr. Irenæus declares this in the first book of his work Against Heresies, where he writes as follows concerning both him and his heresy: 2.